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MMIC Switches Fit Dual-Band Base Station Uses

Providing 90-dB SPDT isolation for GSM synthesizer switches, the AS123-12 GaAs MMIC SPST switch features high isolation (45 dB at 0.9 GHz, 52 dB at 1.9 GHz), low insertion loss and comes in a SOIC-8. The switch uses a single positive control voltage and operates from 5V. When used with the AS148-24 SPDT switch, it represents an effective building block for base station applications where synthesizer isolation is critical. The AS148-24 GaAs IC SPDT switch offers positive voltage control, high isolation (50 dB at 0.9 GHz, 50 dB at 1.9 GHz) and low dc power consumption in a SOIC-14 plastic package. The AS148-24 with the AS123-12 meets GSM synthesizer requirements for the 0.8 n/~ 2 GHz range.

Company: ALPHA INDUSTRIES - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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