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MMICs Enter Next Generation

Designed for next-generation communication networks, the company's latest millimeter wave integrated circuits (MMICs) include power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, general-purpose amplifiers, mixers, and multipliers. Available in bare die or surface-mount packaging, the devices are optimized for design flexibility and faster times to market in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless applications. All are available in a 5 mm x 5 mm surface-mount package or in chip form. Delivering up to 1W of power, the AMMC/P-6408 power amp operates in frequencies from 6 GHz to 18 GHz and with an output third-order intercept point of 38 dBm. The amp operates with a 5V bias and consumes 650 mA. The AMMC-6550 image-reject mixer operates from 15 GHZ to 50 GHz and specifies a 20 dBm image rejection ratio. It operates from a 0.4 V bias with near zero current consumption. Also included in the offering are the AMMC/P sub-harmonic pumped mixer, AMMC/P-6222/6232 low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), AMMC/P-6522/6532 multi-function LNAs/image-reject mixers, AMMC/P-6421 power amplifier, and the AMMC/P-6333 driver amplifier. With the exception of the AMMC/P-6333/6421/6532, all are available now with prices ranging from $25.80 to $42 each in low volume quantities. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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