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Mobile-Access Solution Breaks Cost Barrier

For universal, wireless mobile-data access, cost has been the main factor that's holding back growth. Of course, cost weighs down the growth of any leading technology. But its reign over the mobile-data arena may be about to end. Xpherix Corp. has come out with Remo, the most comprehensive connectivity solution for mobile subscribers to date.

This solution was developed for QUALCOMM's Binary Runtime En-vironment for Wireless (BREW) platforms. At less than $8 a month, Remo is a powerful communications tool. It provides integrated remote access to e-mail, contacts, and calendars on everyday data-enabled phones. As a result, Remo makes the phone more useful. As its name implies, it also turns the phone into a remote-control device for managing the information that's stored on a PC.

When they're not in the office, millions of PC and mobile-phone users are disconnected from vital information. They simply cannot or will not pay the increasing costs for a Blackberry, smart phone, or other high-priced hybrid device. Between purchase prices, setup costs, and monthly subscription fees, those devices can cost more than $800 in the first year alone.

Road warriors aren't just looking for a less expensive solution, however. They also want to lighten their load while they're traveling or away from the office. To remain productive, mobile professionals have had to juggle multiple devices at the same time. Examples include mobile phones, laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), Blackberry-like devices, and pagers. Remo addresses this problem by wirelessly connecting mobile professionals to the critical information that's held in their PC. To forge this connection, it requires nothing more than the mobile phone.

With the solution's Get Email function, users gain access to up to seven different, user-specified POP or POP3 e-mail accounts. Subscribers can easily view, reply, and send e-mails right from their mobile phone. Remo's Calendar function enables subscribers to view, add, edit, or delete the calendar events that are stored in their home or office computer—even when the computer isn't on. Any changes that are made on the phone are automatically synchronized back to the Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Thanks to the Contacts function, users can access phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, and even the notes field from applications like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, or Palm software. With the touch of a button, subscribers also may download names, numbers, and e-mail addresses directly into the phone's built-in phone book. This 'Push-to-Phone' function is especially useful for loading the phone's address book. It automatically and painlessly removes the need to type in contact details using the phone's keypad. For camera-phone users, Remo provides an easy way to wirelessly load e-mail addresses into phones. They can send pictures to friends and family without having to type out e-mail addresses.

Currently, Xpherix Corp. has relationships with several national wireless carriers including Verizon Wireless, Alltel Communications, U.S. Cellular Corp., and Midwest Wireless. All of these carriers offer Xpherix's two initial applications: iPhonebook and iDatebook. These applications also are being offered by BellSouth Colombia.

Initially, Remo will be available on LG's VX-6000 handset. In the future, it will be available through other BREW-enabled phones as well. Users will be able to download the application for about an $8.00 monthly access fee in addition to airtime used. For more information about Remo and supported phones, please visit www.remomobile.com.

Xpherix Corp.
405 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134; (408) 228-5600, FAX: (408) 228-5601, www.xpherix.com.

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