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Modem Chipset Targets ADSL-Ready PCs

Aimed at ADSL-ready, sub $1,000 PCs, the SAM 3 ADSL chipset claims to offer a full- rate, scaleable host-based ADSL modem solution. The chips integrate many of the external components required by other solutions, resulting in what is said to be the industry's lowest-cost, full-rate ADSL chipset. It supports data rates up to 8 Mb/s downstream and up to 768 kb/s upstream. Patented ADSL technologies incorporated in the chipset include dynamic and-user selection of the ADSL line rate (G.lite, G.dmt or one of the low or sub-rates offered by most telecommunications companies) and auto-configuration to accommodate different ADSL standards. The host-based architecture permits field updates as well as enhancements to performance, protocols and future standards through software driver updates. Price for the chipset and software in production quantities starts at $18 each.


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