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Module Directs PCS, Cellular Antenna Signals Without Switches

The ACFM-7101 combines five individual Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR) filters to produce a totally passive solution for dual-band cellular communications with GPS. The quintplexer module directs PCS and cellular signals from the same antenna without the need for switches and control logic. This eliminates the space, cost, and electrical loss of the switch, as well as routing and matching losses. The result is improved performance and longer battery life. The module is compatible with conventional CDMA and WCDMA 3G technology, which supports voice, data, images, and video communications at speeds to 2 Mbits/s.

Performance of the ACFM-7101 is specified from the antenna port through to the receive port and from the antenna through to the transmit port. This eliminates customer routing, matching, and switching losses associated with a discrete solution. Cell duplexer transmit path loss from transmitter input port to antenna output port is 2.0 dB. PCS duplexer transmit path loss from transmitter input port to antenna output port is 3.0 dB. The company’s FBAR filter process and microcap bonded-wafer chip-scale packaging technology enable a 5-mm by 8-mm by 1.3-mm thick module.

Evaluation samples are available immediately.

The ACFM-7101 FBAR quintplexer costs $3.75 each in quantities of 5000.

Visit www.avagotech.com

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