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MOST Support Eases Transition To 150-Mbit/s Standard

Designers working with the MOST150 network technology can turn to the OS81110 MOST Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC) for support. Using SMSC’s INIC architecture and POF-based Physical Layer, OS81110 ensures a seamless migration path from the older-generation MOST25 to the 150-Mbit/s MOST150 level. MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is an all-digital networking solution for high-end multimedia and infotainment systems. It enables the transfer of digital audio, video, data, and control information between multiple networked devices in an automobile and applications outside the car. MOST150 supports the legacy MOST25 real-time control channel for device control, synchronous channels for streaming audio and video data, and packet channel for transmission of packet-based data services. MOST150 also includes an Ethernet channel for transmitting legacy Ethernet frames. The OS81110’s support of IEEE MAC allows applications to communicate as they would via Ethernet. TCP/IP stacks or protocols using TCP/IP can communicate via MOST150 without modification. A second new transfer mechanism, via isochronous channels, enables smoother transmission for data streams with a variable bit-rate, such as MPEG video or audio streams, that are not synchronized to the MOST network. For glueless, low-cost connectivity to video chipsets, the OS81110 also provides Transport Stream and MediaLB Interfaces. SMSC, Hauppauge, NY. (631) 435-6000.

Company: SMSC

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TAGS: Mobile Intel
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