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MP3 Player Uses Broadcom’s Bluetooth Combo IC

Samsung Electronics has incorporated Broadcom Corp.’s single-chip Bluetooth/FM radio combination device into the award-winning YP-P3 MP3 player, according to Broadcom. Introduced at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show, the P3 media player was a Best of Show winner.

The P3 widescreen portable media player was recognized for its evolutionary EmoTure interface with true haptic feedback and forward-thinking design. At just 0.39-in. thin, the P3 squeezes a 16:9 widescreen video player, studio-quality audio player, ultra-portable photo album, personal voice recorder, FM radio, and even a portable storage drive into one compact device. The P3 can also be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled phone, allowing the use of the built-in microphone to answer calls directly through the player.

The BCM2048 Bluetooth combo chip is the industry’s most complete, turnkey Bluetooth design platform for embedded and multimedia applications, according to Broadcom. The device uses Broadcom’s unique InConcert collaborative co-existence technology, which allows simultaneous operation of multiple radios in the same device, with minimal interference. Additionally, Broadcom offers the most complete Bluetooth software in the industry, maintaining end-to-end integration of its protocol stack, application profiles, and audio enhancement and processing algorithms.



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