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Multi-Chip IRED Has Just Four Leads

The CLE400F-905 combines three 905-nm IRED chips in a flat-leaded PLCC package having just four leads. The chips feature current III to V solid-state technology with transparent gallium aluminum arsenide GaAlAs windows to increase quantum efficiency. Wire bonded in parallel and overcoated with clear epoxy, the chips provide an emission angle of ±70¡C at the half-power points. Maximum operating temperature with the clear epoxy lens is 100ûC. Total output power is 6 mW typical at IF = 60 mA and VF maximum is 1.4V at IF = 20 mA for each chip. Custom options include packages containing one to four chips and either series or parallel connection. Price is $1.19 each/1,000. CLAIREX TECHNOLOGIES INC., Plano, TX. (972) 422-4676.


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