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Multi-Protocol Processor Said To Be First For 10-Gb/s LAN & WAN

This multi-protocol processor is accompanied by several "claims to fame". The 10-Gb/s device has been introduced as the industry's first multi-protocol processor for 10-Gb Ethernet LAN/WAN, 10-Gb/s packet-over-SONET (POS), and 10-Gb/s SONET/SDH optical networking. The device is also said to be the first media access control (MAC) processor for 10-Gb/s optical networking, as well as the most flexible SONET overhead processor on the market.
The processor provides 802.3 flow control, MAC encapsulation, and PCS coding capabilities. The integrated POS processor handles HDLC/PPP encapsulation, HDLC transparency processing, and POS coding functions. And the SONET processor includes programmable section, line and path termination for OC-192c. And accumulation of Ethernet packet statistics as per IETF RFC 1757 with enhancements for POS compatibility is performed by the monitoring processor.


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