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Multiplexer Simplifies T3/E3 Connectivity

Claiming to possess the flexibility to adapt to various WAN configurations and interfaces, the DS3112 TEMPE T3/E3 multiplexer provides five different operating modes and can be configured for several different T3 and E3 applications. The device is used to merge lower-speed T1/E1 traffic to and from a T3 or E3 trunk and supports M23 and C-bit parity framing for DS3 as well as G.751 framing for E3.
User-programmable features include an HDLC controller, FEAC controller, a bit error rate tester (BERT), and a suite of error detection and diagnostic tools. The chip can redirect any of the T1/E1 streams to either of two add-drop ports and also features T1/E1 and T3/E3 loopback code detection and loopback paths. Price is $82.29 each/1,000.


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