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Narrow Line Width Lasers Eye Sensing And T&M Apps

The company's external cavity telecomm laser technology has been extended to embrace a series of narrow line width lasers for sensing and test and measurement (T&M) applications. The new lasers are said to offer a replacement for bulkier, higher power consuming and higher priced optical sources, such as distributed feedback (DFB) and fiber lasers. And their low frequency phase noise and relative intensity noise specs reportedly are better than the best DFBs on the market. Further, the lasers are said to maintain a stable and narrow line width under high vibration conditions. The lasers offer line widths from 300 kHz down to tens of kHz in a wavelength range from 1,527 to 1,570 nm. Other wavelengths are under development. The devices are housed in 14-pin butterfly packages. Samples are available. For more details, contact Davinder Basuita at K2 OPTRONICS INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 543-4505.


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