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Network Access Processor Opens Ethernet Bottlenecks

A carrier-quality network access processor cures capacity bottlenecks in access equipment by allowing low-cost Ethernet switches to replace conventional time-division multiplex (TDM) switching backplanes. The network access processor uses new software to overcome technical issues with TDM timing and synchronization. Coupled with low processing latency (i.e., short delays), the processor allows TDM channels to cross- connect over switched Ethernet networks, either individually or in trunked N x 64 kbs configurations and with the same carrier-grade quality delivered by TDM backplanes. The Ethernet backplanes enabled by the processor will allow network operators to accommodate growing levels of TDM traffic quickly and easily simply by adding new line cards to access and aggregation equipment. The device can simultaneously convert up to 32 T1/E1 lines or 1024 TDM circuits into Ethernet packets. Regardless of the number of channels processed, only 250 ┬Ás of packet processing delay is introduced. ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Ottawa, Canada. (613) 270-7115.


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