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Network Processing Forum Sets Two Benchmarking IAs

The Network Processing Forum (NPF) has released two key benchmarking implementation agreements (IAs) for its members. IAs are similar to and have the power of official standards.

The first IA is a specification that enables network processor vendors and equipment manufacturers to objectively assess a key performance characteristic of network-processing-based products. This benchmark will help designers accurately and efficiently determine which components are most appropriate for a specific networking application.

The second IA is a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Forwarding Applications Level Benchmark. It establishes an objective testing methodology that permits NPU vendors and equipment manufacturers to evaluate a component's MPLS performance.

Also, the NPF introduced the Fabric Traffic Models and the Fabric Performance Metrics IAs. All of these software IAs include the existing NPF benchmarking process, which provides third-party certification and specific terms of use for benchmarking results.

The NPF is an international industry consortium of networking semiconductor, software, and OEM manufacturers seeking to accelerate the adoption of network-processing technologies in next-generation networking and telecommunications products. NPF develops IAs for interfaces and software benchmarks that ensure interoperability, cut time-to-market, and reduce design burdens. For details, visit www.npforum.org.

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