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Network Search Engine Family Expands

Expanding the company’s Class-IC family of network search engines, the 18 Mb DC18288 and 9 Mb DC9000 promise glueless connectivity with industry-standard network processors. The DC18288 targets users that require higher densities and is a pin-compatible upgrade for the DC9288. Capable of performing up to 100 million searches per second, the device is suitable for use in OC-48 and OC-192 applications. The DC18288 offers all of the features of the company’s DC9288 search engine except with an increased capacity to 256K, 72 bit entries per device. A high performance cascading scheme allows system designers to maintain full search throughput for tables of up to 2M entries. In addition, the engine’s 32 global mask registers make it suitable for sophisticated compression applications. Optimized for applications using commercially available network processors, the DC9000 mimics the features of the DC9288. It integrates the Network Processor Forum LA-1 interface for interoperability with network processing elements and eliminates the need for FPGA devices between the DC9000 and network processors.Other features include support for multiple contexts, an instruction set for multi-threaded applications, and the ability to perform multiple searches with only incremental modifications to the search key. The DC18288 is available now in a 432-pin BGA and the DC9000 will be available in the first quarter of 2003. For further information and prices, call Romain Saha at MOSAID TECHNOLOGIES INC., Ontario, Canada. (613) 599-9539, ext 1205.


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