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Networking IC Targets FXO Applications

Debuting as the market's first single-chip solution for foreign exchange office (FXO) applications, the 73M1866 relies on the company's MicroDAA technology to boost voice quality and reduce bill of materials costs in business critical and residential Voice-over-IP (VoIP) applications. The device provides PSTN lifeline support for VoIP Equipment, small and medium enterprise integrated service routers, converged media gateways, analog telephone adapters, VoIP – PBX, and residential/CPE gateways. The 73M1866 integrates the majority of the circuitry needed to connect PCM-formatted voice channels to a PSTN via a 2-wire, twisted-pair interface. Offered in a single 8 mm x 8 mm QFN package, the device is said to deliver best-in-class return loss, EMI, and common mode noise performance. The chip also supports host-side power, making it independent of PSTN loop variations. It teams with an inexpensive common pulse transformer that forms a digital isolation barrier, transferring both power and data to the PSTN line-side components. For extended isolation requirements, the 73M1866 can perform as part of a chip set with the 73M1966 to enhance performance in the presence of EMI and line voltage variations. Volume production for the 73M1866 and 73M1966 are expected this month with pricing available upon request. TERIDIAN SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Irvine, CA. (714) 508-8800.


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