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New Network Processor Enters Access And Edge Equipment Mart

By melding together on-chip fixed-function and programmable circuitry, the IQ2200 network processor is said to not only double the processing power of its predecessor, the IQ2000, but through use of industry-standard interfaces to help simplify system integration and reduce time-to-market for new access and edge equipment. The IQ2200Õs interfaces are compatible with PowerPC, MIPS and other µPs, as well as permitting direct connection to the companyÕs switch fabrics, GigaStream and TeraStream, for multi-Gigabit Ethernet and OC-48 applications. Among the new network processorÕs configurable functions are packet input, classification and order management, payload buffering, process load balancing, look-up operation, output queuing, and discard management. By covering typical packet processing tasks with fixed-function hardware, the processorÕs RISC engines are left to focus their processing cycles on algorithms, helping further bolster the networking systemÕs performance. Both IQ2000 and IQ2200 processors employ four parallel RISC engines to process packets, with each engine supporting four packet threads and one control thread. The IQ2200 runs at 400 MHz, reportedly delivering as many a 600 instructions/packet (XIPP) on a Gigabit Ethernet stream of minimum size packets. Only 5W (typ.) of power are dissipated. It also supports 1,066-MHz RDRAM memory, has 32 or 64 KB of SRAM, and is supported by an extensive array of development tools. The IQ2200 network processor comes in 673-pin BGAs, with prices starting below $250 each, depending on model and unit volume. For more details, contact Steve Bassett at VITESSE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Camarillo, CA. (800) 848-3773.


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