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Next-Gen Bluetooth SoC Exploits 65-nm Process

Forecasting unique media-rich mobile phones, smart phones, and other portable products the STLC2690 Bluetooth v2.1+EDR with integrated FM RDS radio receiver and short-range FM RDS transmitter debuts as the company's fourth-generation Bluetooth/FM Radio combo. By way of 65-nm process technology, the system on chip (SoC) promises to save both space and costs. It operates from one supply voltage, without any calibration in production, and consumes 35% less current than previous generation devices in 130-nm technology. The device supports all deployed R(B)DS services and all worldwide FM bands (65 MHz to 108 MHz). The short-range FM transmitter, groomed for use in mobile phones, takes advantage of the presence of a FM receiver and proprietary SureTune technology automatically selects the optimal FM transmit frequency. The STLC2690 comes in a WLCSP with a 0.4-mm pitch and is set for production in the second quarter. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.


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