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Next-Gen LNAs Address Multiple Wireless Infrastructure Apps

Next-Gen LNAs Address Multiple Wireless Infrastructure Apps

The company’s next-generation low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) target multiple cellular infrastructure receiver applications including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE base stations and repeaters. The monolithic microwave integrated circuit amplifiers allow users to meet a wide range of performance requirements with a single device that promises to minimize system noise figures, improve receiver sensitivity, and deliver unconditional stability. The SKY67100-396LF (1.7 GHz to 2 GHz) and the SKY67101-396LF (0.7 GHz to 1 GHz) gallium arsenide enhancement mode pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor LNAs specify noise figures down to 0.49 dB while providing an unconditional stability and high-linearity performance of 34 dBm up to OIP3. Other features include active bias circuitry and eight-pin, 2 mm x 2 mm x 0.75 mm DFN packages. SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC., Woburn, MA. (781) 376-3000.


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