NFC Tags Simplify Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Pairing

Near-field communication (NFC) tags developed by NXP integrate a field-detection mode that switches on the accessory when in close contact with an NFC phone or mobile device. Essentially, field detection “wakes up” the accessory, making for much easier and intuitive pairing. Then users simply tap their phones to the accessory and pairing is complete (a “tap to pair” connection). The NTAG21xF devices feature from 144 (for the NTAG213F) up to 888 bytes (for the NTAG216F) of memory, which covers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing. The tags comply with NFC Forum Tag 2 Type and work with any NFC-enabled phone. The tags can also be put into a non-responsive mode, avoiding a bad user experience when the battery is running low. Applications include Bluetooth consumer electronics accessories like headsets, speakers, mice, keyboards, and streaming receivers, and Wi-Fi accessories such as smart appliances, smart meters, medical devices, and printers.


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