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Non-Blocking 4x6 RF Matrix Switches Target Wireless Infrastructure

Claiming a breakthrough in integrated RF switch performance, four new non-blocking 4x6 RF matrix switches target wireless infrastructure applications. The PE4460, PE4461, PE4462 and PE4463 are contained in 48-lead, 7x7 mm MLP packages and consume only 1 µA of current. These UTSi (Ultra Thin Silicon) MOSFET RF matrix switches are true single-supply devices with a 4-input by 6-output switch matrix fabric utilizing high isolation and integrated 6-way power dividers. They achieve an output-to-output port isolation of greater than 44 dB at 1 GHz. In addition, they have a typical input 1 dB compression point of +31 dBm, with a typical insertion loss of 12 dB over the specified frequency band. These RF matrix switches are also claimed as the first in the industry to provide a monolithic 4x6 RF switch with a simple programming control interface. As a non-blocking switch, any one of the switch input ports can be programmed via the serial programming interface to connect to any of six output ports simultaneously. The PE4460 is designed to support four Cellular/GSM inputs, the PE4461 four PCS/UMTS inputs, the PE4462 three PCS/UMTS and one Cellular/GSM inputs, and the PE4463 three Cellular/GSM and one PCS/UMTS inputs. PEREGRINE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., San Diego, CA. (800) 737-6937.


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