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OC-48 SAR And Traffic Management Engine Applies For Work In Core Network Apps

PaceMaker 2.5 is the pin-compatible successor to the PaceMaker 2.4 OC-48 traffic management and SAR engine. As with the PaceMaker 2.4, the new device allows for simultaneous independent control of up to 256k traffic flows. Also, traffic policing, scheduling and shaping are provided to balance congestion control with quality of service and class of service (CoS) constraints for a variety of access, metro and core network applications. PaceMaker 2.5 adds several features, including weighted random early detect, deficit round robin scheduling, and support of per-logical-port backpressure from the switch fabric interface, which maximizes system throughput. The chip is designed to work in combination with the company's framer/mapper devices, switch fabric components, and Monitor 4.8 (VSC2450), which is an operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) device with protection switching capability. The 756-pin ABGA device interfaces to the outside world via two independent standard UTOPIA3 or POSPHY3 ports and a 32-bit 66 Mhz PCI interface for connection to a host CPU. Pricing is $1,010 each/1,000. For more details, call VITESSE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Camarillo, CA. (800) 848-3773.


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