Octal Ultrasound Transceiver Replaces Thousands Of Discretes

Octal Ultrasound Transceiver Replaces Thousands Of Discretes

The MAX2082 octal ultrasound transceiver combines five separate blocks into one IC, ultimately replacing thousands of discrete components in an ultrasound system. It saves 40 % board space and consumes 30 % less power than the conventional discrete architecture.

Maxim Integrated’s IC integrates eight channels of three-level, 200-V pulsers and T/R switches, an octal ADC, octal LNA, and octal VGA, CW mixers, anti-aliasing filters, and coupling capacitors into a BGA package that measures less than 10 square inches. Traditional designs include over nine components in the T/R switch alone for each of up to 128 channels.

Improved system sensitivity and image quality through an ultra-low noise figure (2.8 dB at RIN = RS = 200 Ω) and a high-dynamic-range receiver (76 dBFS SNR at fIN = 5 MHz and 2-MHz bandwidth) result in higher image quality and performance. Image quality also gets a boost thanks to minimized power-supply noise and switching noise.

The MAX2082 is specified over the 0 to +70°C temperature range.


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