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Operating-System Software Steps Up Gateway Performance

The OpenRG residential gateway software is being used in Kinpo's new H230 Residential Gateway product, which establishes small-office/home-office (SOHO) networks. The product accepts broadband inputs from either a DSL- or DOCSIS-compatible cable-TV modem. It's available with network outputs of standard wired Ethernet, USB, or 802.11b wireless. The gateway is implemented with Conexant's CX82100 home network processor, and the OpenRG software runs on an embedded ARM940 processor. The software provides users with plug and play connections, advanced routing, professional security (with the Stateful Packet Inspection firewall), and user-friendly Web-based management. The software is available for licensing now.

Jungo Software Technologies
www.jungo.com; (408) 423-9540

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