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Optical Modules Offer Improved 10-Gbit Networking Option

The 12km XFP optical networking module from Network Elements gives optical-networking-equipment vendors an enhanced option for implementing 10-Gbit/s networking equipment. Company CEO Bruce Murdock expects the first applications to be in Sonet equipment, but the module also applies to Fibre Channel and 10-Gbit/s Ethernet systems.

Key features include a 10-Gbit/s XFI serial interface and jitter performance that surpasses the Bellcore GR-253 and IEEE 802.3ae (10GE) standards. More importantly, the module consumes just 1.8 W, compared to competitors' 3- to 5-W totals. It also incorporates a standard I2C serial bus for monitoring and control operations.

The integrated microcontroller provides full digital monitoring and control of signal loss, laser temperature, laser bias, and receiver power. Other features include high receive sensitivity, double-digit transmit mask margins, enhanced electromagnetic-interference shielding, and advanced thermal management.

The XFP module uses the company's Micromodule technology packaging platform, integrating 10- to 12-km optics into a BGA package the size of the 300-pin MSA connector. It includes a PIN-based receiver and transimpedance amplifier, along with a 1310-nm DFB laser transmitter that has no active cooling. An accompanying CMOS IC incorporates all of the SERDES and related operations for 10 Gbits/s into a single package.

Network Elements Inc. • www.nei.com

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