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Optical Receiver Module Groomed For OC-192 Apps

Designed especially for use in OC-192-based fiber-optic network equipment, the OD9651N melds into a compact module a 10-Gbps indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) photodiode together with supporting transimpedance amplifier and GaAs pre-amplifier. The SMT optical receiver module is for use with single-mode fibers and is said to provide low power dissipation, high transimpedance, an inverted, single-ended output, and a data output interface with a RF feed-through pin. Capable of performing at carrier rates of up to 10.7 Gbps, the new networking module has a typical responsivity of 0.8A/W at 1,550 nm and a typical transimpedance of 60 dB½ at a frequency of 130 MHz. Other typical electrical and optical characteristics of the OD9651N module include: a dark current of 5 nA at a VPD of +10V; a sensitivity of -20 dBm; a high-frequency cutoff of 7.5 GHz at -3 dB at 130 MHz; and an equivalent input noise current density of 8 pA/ÃHz. In addition, the deviceÕs electrical return loss at f = Hfc is -10 dB and its optical return loss at 1,550 nm is -30 dB.The 10-Gbps module requires power supply voltages of +5V, -5V and 12V, with the preamp needing 3.3V and -2V supply voltages and the photodiode, 10V. Connector and fiber pigtail specs include: core diameter of 9.3 mm; fiber diameter of 0.9 mm, bending radius of 20 mm; and length of 1,000 ±50 mm. The OD9651N optical receiver module can operate over a 0¡C to 70¡C temperature range and comes housed in a 17-pin, low-profile, 9.4 mm x 10.25 mm surface-mount package priced at $800 each in quantities of 1,000. Demo modules for testing are also available. For more information, contact Dennis Chu at OKI SEMICONDUCTOR, Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 720-1900.


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