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Optical Receivers Tout High Sensitivity, Wide Dynamic Range

Suited for use in telecommunications, line-terminating equipment, repeaters, supervisory channel, optical gyros, and sensor systems, the LDPF and LDPW series of PINFET optical receivers exhibit high sensitivity and wide dynamic range over a bandwidth range that can be customized to meet user requirements. Options include automatic gain control (AGC), a silicon-based detector for 850 nm applications, and single-mode optical fiber coupled pigtail. The devices integrate a PIN photodiode and a discrete transimpedance amplifier stage. Light is coupled into the detector stage through a multimode optical fiber pigtail that allows coupling with either single- or multi-mode fiber systems. The LDPF series receivers' sensitivity is maximized at a standard bandwidth or a custom bandwidth based on the application. The LDPW series PINFET optical receivers include AGC and provides dynamic range operation up to 0 dBm. LASER DIODE INC., Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.


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