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Optical Subassemblies Show Versatility

Ready for 10G SONET, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel applications, the TOSA transmit and ROSA receive optical subassemblies are designed for use in XENPAK, XPAK, X2, and XFP modules. The NX8341 series TOSAs employs a 1,310-nm laser, fabricated using an Al, oxidation-free, all-selective MOPVE process without semiconductor etching. Single-ended and differential models with 25? matching are available. Reportedly, the NX3310 series PIN+TIA ROSAs combine high sensitivity, high overload characteristics, and a wide dynamic range with ac-coupled differential outputs. Both subassemblies are available with LC or SC receptacles that exploit a fiber-to-laser design that eliminates optical alignment problems. CALIFORNIA EASTERN LABORATORIES, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 919-3000.


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