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Packet Processors Stream Data Over Metro Ethernets

Using Circuit Emulation Services (CES)-over-packet technology, the ZL50117 series packet-processors support TDM voice, video and data services over metro Ethernet and wireless networks. The devices seamlessly pass up to four streams of TDM traffic with associated timing and signaling across Ethernet, Internet Protocol (IP), and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks. Three chips are in the family: the ZL50115 supports a single T1/E1 stream, the ZL50116 supports two T1/E1 streams, and the ZL50117 supports four streams. The devices contain static RAM to handle network delays of more than 100 ms and packet delay variations (PDVs). The series complies with International Telecommunications Union and Metro Ethernet standards. All are housed in 324-ball PBGA packages measuring 23 mm x 23 mm. Pricing for the ZL50115, ZL50116 and ZL50117 is $32.19, $42.63 and $59.16 each/5,000, respectively. ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR, Ottawa, Canada.


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