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PLLs Take Aim At Wireless Apps

Built using the firm's Ultra-Thin-Silicon, Silicon-On-Sapphire CMOS process, the PE3239 and PE3240 are a pair of ultra-low phase noise PLL ICs targeted at Cellular and PCS base stations, LMDS and MMDS broadband wireless access systems, wireless local loop systems, and terrestrial satellite systems. The devices are software-compatible with the PE3236 when used in its serial programming mode. Both PLLS are frequency synthesis solutions for high performance wireless transceivers that require very low phase noise. The PE3239 provides a high performance integrated charge pump and the PE3240 offers phase detector outputs used to control and external charge pump circuit. This allows additional flexibility in the design of a high performance frequency synthesis solution. Pricing is $4.30 each/10,000. PEREGRINE SEMICONDUCTORS CORP., San Diego, CA. (800) 737-6937.


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