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Portable Navigation Device Uses New GPS Hardware/Software

TomTom N.V. has incorporated Global Locate's Hammerhead GPS solution and software into TomTom's portable navigation device, TomTom ONE. Hammerhead, the industry's first single-die, single-chip GPS solution, according to Global Locate, will begin shipping worldwide in the TomTom ONE this month. In addition, Global Locate's patented extended ephemeris technology — Long Term Orbit — will be available through TomTom's exclusive QuickGPSfix service to further enhance the navigation performance of the company's devices.

Global Locate's host-based GPS architecture approach means that both the TomTom software application and the GPS chip and navigation software application share the same processor resources. The result is a highly integrated product that delivers superior turn-by-turn navigation performance for users. The host-based approach reduces system redundancy, avoiding the need for multiple CPUs, memory system, and other costly components.


Contact Global Locate Inc. for information on the availability of the Hammerhead GPS solution.


Contact the company for pricing information on the Hammerhead GPS solution.


Visit www.globallocate.com.

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