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Power Amplifier Fits Bluetooth Applications

The ITT2305AK RF power amplifier is based on GaAsTEK's GaAs Self-Aligned MSAG MESFET process and features single positive-supply operation. Designed for use as a booster for high-power Bluetooth devices, the device features 20dB of gain, and can operate over a wide range of supply voltages. The output power can be controlled by varying the either the input power or the analog control voltage. The power amp has a typical current draw of only 60mA and can operate at 100% duty cycle. It is housed in a small 6-pin SOT package, is suitable for automated insertion, and can be supplied either on tape and reel or in cans. Samples are available.

Company: ITT INDUSTRIES - GaAsTEK Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

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