Electronic Design

Principles of Electronic Communication Systems

By Louis E. Frenzel Jr. <br>ISBN 978-0-07-310704-2

In the third edition of Principles of Electronic Communication Systems, Electronic Design Technology Editor Louis E. Frenzel updates his text to make it one of the most current textbooks on wireless, networking and other communication technologies. Its readability, interactive learning features and full-color photos and illustrations make it an excellent primer for students taking their first course in electronic communications. Frenzel eases the reader in with the basics of intelligence signals and the electromagnetic spectrum, then hand-holds through lessons in multiplexing, networking, satellite communications, and so on. There are also plenty of lessons on practical skills like testing and troubleshooting, and students can log on to the text's "Online Learning Center" for chapter outlines and summaries. The third edition has been expanded to include updates on current topics like cell phones, wireless and the Internet—technologies that have advanced rapidly since the book's initial publication in 1996.

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