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Processor Supports 40G And Latest OTN Mapping Standards

Processor Supports 40G And Latest OTN Mapping Standards

Forty-Gigabit Ethernet (40G) is rapidly being adopted as a way to aggregate the growing number of 10-Gbit/s Ethernet streams. There is even some movement in the adoption of 100-Gbit/s Ethernet. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) also has ratified the Optical Transport Network (OTN) standards, making this optical “digital wrapper” system the primary choice to replace or transport Sonet/SDH and other network protocols. Dropping prices for the quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP) and 100 form-factor pluggable (CFP) optical modules are spurring the 40/100-Gbit momentum as well.All we need now is the circuitry that will efficiently process all that data, and the second-generation CS604x 40G/10G optical transport processor family from Cortina Systems is up to the challenge. Designed for transport and aggregation of data, voice, and video signals simultaneously over 10G, 40G, and 100G networks, the CS604x family is pin-for-pin and software compatible with the previous-generation CS600x line and adds support for the latest OTN mapping standards, ODUFlex, and 40G.

To enable direct connection to new lower-cost 40G modules such as QSFP and CFP, the CS604x has four additional 10G multi-rate serial interfaces. In addition, the CS604x is the industry’s first OTN processor family with integrated jitter attenuation phase-locked loops (PLLs). Its four jitter attenuation and cleanup PLLs provide significant savings to customers in both board space and cost in asynchronous demapping applications compared to external PLL-based solutions. The CS604x also transparently maps and transfers 10G and 40G clients to OTN, OTU3(e), and OTU4.

The highly integrated CS604x optical transport processor and forward error correction (FEC) devices are designed for transparent transport of 10-Gbit/s and 40-Gbit/s clients, as well as aggregation and deaggregation of 10G class clients to 40G. They also integrate a 40G media access controller (MAC), enabling the monitoring and mapping of 40G clients to OTN, compliant with the latest G.709 (Amendment 1 7/2010) and G.798 (10/2010) standards updates for GMP mapping of various bit-rate clients into OTN, four integrated jitter attenuation and cleanup PLLs, and additional 4x10G multirate (OTL/STL/XLAUI) serial interfaces for single-chip/single-card design for CFP/QFSP to CFP/300-pin MSA transponder applications.

As with the previous generation, these devices support standard and strong FEC at 10G and 40G rates and provide performance monitoring and networking support for various client signals including 10GE LAN/WAN, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, and Sonet/SDH with connectivity to XFP/SFP+ and SFI4.1 MSA modules. The CS6000 family of OTN processors provides the most efficient solution for the transport and aggregation of 10G, 40G, and 100G signals today supporting packet over optical transport platforms (P-OTP), dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transport systems, and Carrier Ethernet router/switch applications (see the figure). The CS604x family is sampling now.

Cortina Systems Inc.             

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