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Programmable Bridge Chip Provides Faster Connectivity For IDE Products

Addressing high-speed data-streaming applications, the OXUF922 programmable bridge chip combines an 800-Mbit/s 1394B Link layer and PHY controller with a 480-Mbit/s USB 2.0 PHY. Thanks to on-chip hardware accelerators, this chip is optimized for asynchronous applications. While the OXUF922 is based on the company's OXFW911 integrated development environment (IDE)/1394 bridge chip, the addition of the USB 2.0 integrated PHY and Link layer guarantees connectivity with any PC platform over USB1.x and USB 2.0. Its 133-MHz IDE controller handles a data rate of 80 Mbits/s and assures connectivity with all magnetic, optical, and Compact Flash media. A 12-Mbit/s UART provides a direct data communication interface to modems and Bluetooth radios. The sample price for the OXUF922 bridge chip is $15.

Oxford Semiconductor
www.oxsemi.com; (949) 348-1235

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