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Quad-Channel Transceiver Has Boundary Scan

Fabricated in CMOS, the S2104 quad-channel transceiver with JTAG IEEE-1149.1-compliant boundary scan facilitates high-speed serial data transmission in Fibre Channel applications, including workstations, frame buffer, switched networks, data broadcast environments and proprietary extended backplanes. Each of the device's four channels operates at 1.062 Gbps. The chip also supports full and half-rate operation for all modes. The four separate transceivers are operated individually for an aggregate of up to 4 Gbps, full-duplex. In addition to performing parallel-to-serial and serial-to-parallel data conversion, each of the four bi-directional channels provides complete clock generation/recovery and framing for block encoded data over fiber optic, twinax, or coax interfaces. The chip comes in a compact 23 mm x 23 mm 208-pin TBGA package.

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