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Quad Multi-Gigabit Interconnect IC Boasts Low Power Consumption

Consuming only 700 mW, the VSC7216-02 quad multi-gigabit interconnect IC is suited for system designers of routers, switches and general backplanes where up to 1.36 Gb/s data transfer is required. The chip also qualifies for Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet applications. This interconnect IC performs optional 8B/10B encoding and decoding, serialization and deserialization at data rates of between 0.98 and 1.36 Gb/s per channel, as well as half speed mode of operation. Other standard features of the IC include redundant serial PECL I/Os, transmit/receive rate matching, and channel-to-channel and chip-to-chip word alignment. Requiring a 2.5V power supply, the IC offers on-chip termination, including user-selectable high-speed input termination. The fast-locking clock recovery unit ensures efficient data transfer in asynchronous switching applications. The VSC7216-02 is available in a standard 27-mm 256-pin TBGA, as well as an area-reducing 21 mm BGA package. Sampling is available in May 2001 and production quantities will be available in August 2001 with pricing for 1K units at $57 each.


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