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Quad Transceiver Integrates DFE

Relying on adaptive decision feedback equalization (DFE), the AN6620 quad-binary, 6.25 Gb/s transceiver enables standards-based binary SERDES to interoperate at speeds up to 6.25 Gb/s for applications in network, server, and storage-system development. The device is compatible with emerging backplane standards as well as core physical layer compliance to PCI Express 1.0A, SATA, and SAS. Consuming less than 1W of power, an integrated dual cross-connect supports enhanced mux/demux modes for internal aggregation of data up to 4:1. In 4:1 mode, four 1.25 Gb/s links can be aggregated to a single 5 Gb/s interconnect. Additionally, the dual cross connect enables multicasting support for simultaneous redundant switching. Available in a 17-mm square quad BGA, price is $80 each in volume. ACCELERANT NETWORKS, Beaverton, OR. (503) 466-9231.

Company: ACCELERANT NETWORKS, Beaverton, OR.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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