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Radio Transceiver Chipset Eyes GSM And GPRS Apps

Developed for GSM and GPRS applications and offering quad-band and direct conversion capabilities, this enhanced version of the Polaris Total Radio multi-device transceiver is said to perform all of the functions associated with the RF section of a handset, but with fewer components and flexible baseband interfaces. The transceiver consists of the RF6001 mixed signal processor, RF3133 power amplifier module with integrated power control, and either the RF2710 or RF2716, each a new SiGe BiCMOS receiver adding quad-band functionality to the transceiver, with the latter also offering a direct conversion mode supporting E-GPRS receive capability. The quad-band transceiver supports U.S. cellular (850 MHz), GSM (900 MHz), DCS (1,800 MHz) and PCS (1,900 MHz) frequency bands. The new quad-band receivers feature a polyphase down-converting mixer, bandpass filter, and dc offset correction. They come in 5 mm x 5 mm leadless plastic packages. For more details, contact Jerry Neal at RF MICRO DEVICES INC., Greensboro, NC. (336) 664-1233.


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