Electronic Design

Reference Design Advances Web 3.0 DPFs

The fruit of partners Chumby and Samsung Electronics, a unique reference design presented at CES 2009 promises to enable powerful Web 3.0 digital photo frames (DPFs) that offer photo and video sharing via social networks, multimedia messaging, games, Internet radio, animation, video clips, streaming news, weather information, RSS feeds, and more.

Built on Samsung’s S3C6410 application processor for Internet-connected DPFs, the reference design leverages an open source network based on a Linux operating system using Adobe’s Flash platform. Samsung’s S3C6410 processor has on-chip JPEG/2D/3D hardware for Internet picture sharing and graphics rendering plus, for video applications, it provides a MPEG-4 SP codec, H.264/263 BP codec, and a VC-1 decoder, allowing SD-quality video capture and playback at 30 fps. In terms of audio, the S3C6410 integrates 2S for 5.1-channel Dolby.



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