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Reference Design Platform Adds TV To Mobile Handsets

Handset manufacturers that plan to integrate mobile TV capability into their designs now have a cost-effective reference design platform from Broadcom Corp. to help them do so. The BCM92724 mobile TV reference design platform incorporates the company’s leading mobile and multimedia chip solutions and software. The BCM2724 VideoCore processor performs multimedia processing that delivers crisp video images combined with the best power performance in the industry, according to Broadcom. The BCM2124 baseband processor provides GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and GSM (Global System for Mobile telecommunications) connectivity to the cellular network. Also featured is the BCM2045 single-chip Bluetooth solution. In addition, the BCM92724 includes Broadcom’s CellAirity mobile handset software, a suite of cellular software and applications that provide advanced multimedia and messaging, web browsing, Java games, and rich connectivity options.

The software and a reference application can be customized specifically for each manufacturer’s handset design, so companies can differentiate their products in the marketplace. The BCM92724 supports the terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) standard (a digital radio transmission system for sending multimedia to mobile devices) at the mobile television front-end. Using Broadcom’s mobile TV middleware, the current design can be easily adapted to other mobile broadcast standards, such as DVB-H, by substituting an appropriate front-end tuner/demodulator.


BCM92724 mobile TV reference design platform is available now to early access customers.


Pricing is available on request.


Visit www.broadcom.com.

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