REM Switch Supports All Major Industrial Ethernet Protocols

REM Switch Supports All Major Industrial Ethernet Protocols

A next-generation real-time Ethernet multi-protocol (REM) switch, called fido5000, can be paired with any processor, such ARM CPUs or the company’s fido1100 communication controller. Innovasic’s switch supports PROFINET, PROFINET IRT (v 2.3), EtherNet/IP, EtherNet/IP with Beacon-based DLR, ModbusTCP, EtherCAT, SERCOS, and POWERLINK. Accompanying the device is a driver for each protocol, which facilitates switch configuration and protocol stack integration. Though EtherCAT and POWERLINK don’t actually use a switch, fido5000 can be configured to meet the protocols’ performance and connectivity requirements. Drivers for PROFINET IRT will be available in Jan. 2014, followed by ModbusTCP, EtherCAT, and EtherNET/IP (with and without DLR). SERCOS and POWERLINK drivers are due for release in the third quarter of next year. By incorporating the company’s PriorityChannel technology, real-time Industrial Ethernet messages always will be processed on time regardless of the protocol and amount of network traffic on the wire, says Innovasic.


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