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Reset Timer Simplifies Smartphone Restarts

Reset Timer Simplifies Smartphone Restarts

Addressing smartphone problems that arise from imperfect and multiple software systems, i.e., the “white screen of death” where a smartphone locks up, the FT8010 custom reset timer enables a portable device to be reset at the touch of a designated keypad function and without removing the battery. The device offers 7.5s and 11.5s reset options. These long delay periods help avoid unintended resets caused by accidental key presses. Additionally, the device has two identical reset inputs for single or dual button resetting capability. The device also features two outputs: a push-pull output with 0.5 mA drive and an open-drain output with 0.5 mA pull-down drive. Available in two industry-standard packages, the 2 mm x 2 mm MLP and the smaller 1.4 mm x1.8 mm Ultrathin MLP package, price is $0.30 each. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (800) 341-0392.


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