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RF Blocks Operate To 2.4 GHz

Designed with firm's MOSAIC V high-frequency bipolar wafer process, the MC13142/143/144 building blocks define the levels of functional integration to provide versatility for designers while offering low power consumption and low noise performance for analog and digital communications systems. These devices include an enable function that allows easy switching from transmit to receive without powering down, an attribute well-suited to battery operation. The MC13142 includes a low-noise amplifier (LNA), VCO, and downmixer functions to provide general-purpose solutions for RF front ends. The MC13143/144 provide the downmixer and LNA functions, respectively, to provide a higher performance solution for RF front ends. System partitioning between the MC13143 and MC13144 provides improved isolation, more versatility, and simplifies the interface with external devices such as filters and other active components.


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