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RF Chipset & Microcontroller Team Up To Extend Battery Life Of Wireless Controls

Wireless control applications are the target for an RF system solution that includes the U2741B transmitter IC, U3741BM receiver IC and M44C890 microcontroller. The trio is said to extend battery life by virtue of extremely low power consumption. The system is designed for remote keyless entry and remote control systems and is optimized for the demands of low-cost transmission systems with low data rates. It can be used for both amplitude shift keying and frequency shift keying systems operating in the range of 300 to 450 MHz. The M44C890, a member of firm's MARC4 4-bit microcontroller family, is optimized for the requirements of wireless control systems. Its high integration level, small package and small number of external components enable extremely compact units. Current consumption is said to be as low as 1.5 mA and, in sleep mode, less than 1 µA.


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