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Transmitter And Receiver Modules Open Up The 433.92-MHz Band
OKW Electronics
(412) 220-9244; fax (412) 220-9247; www.okwelectronics.com

The QBT37 transmitter modules and QBR37 receiver modules allow designers to make more effective use of the 433.92-MHz band. According to the company, these devices are suited for one-to-one and multi-node applications requiring low-power radio links at speeds up to 20 kbits/s over distances of up to 1300 ft.

The transmitters and receivers offer high-stability operation between 433.075 and 434.725 MHz in 50-kHz steps. Both the transmitters and receivers are supplied in a miniature SIL package and operate from a 5-V supply. While the maximum transmitter current is 22 mA, the data input can be either a 5-V digital signal or a 3-V peak-to-peak analog signal. Pricing for the QBT37 and QBR37 modules starts at $48.

Trimmer Capacitors Feature Mounting
Configurations That Reduce Inductance

Voltronics Corp.
(973) 586-8585; fax (973) 586-3404; www.voltronicscorp.com

Two trimmer capacitors are designed for high-frequency use. The parts tune from 0.4 to 1.2 pF. They feature specially designed mounting configurations to reduce inductance.

The A2W1 has a single 0.090-in.-wide lead. The A2DW1 features two 0.090-in.-wide leads 180° apart. Both parts are 0.24 in. high with diameters of 0.09 in. While the dc working voltage is 250 V, the dc withstanding voltage is 500 V. The temperature coefficient is 0 ±150ppm/°C from −65°C to 125°C. Q is over 1000 at 1 GHz. The self-resonant frequency is over 5 GHz. In 10,000-unit quantities, the parts cost $2.76.

2000-W RF Power Divider/Combiner
Targets Broadcast Applications

Bird Component Products Inc.
(727) 547-8826; fax (727) 547-0806; www.birdfla.com

The 2000-AD-FFE-2 is a 2000-W convection-cooled RF power divider/combiner. This part is designed with cooling fins to maintain temperature. Power output is 2000 W when operated into a load of 1:15:1 or less.

The frequency range of this component is 470 to 890 MHz with an insertion loss of less than 3.25 dB maximum. Isolation is 20 dB minimum. While the input is 1:25:1 maximum, the output is 1:15:1 maximum. The connectors are 7/16 female. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Single-Chip Transmitter Works In The 300- To 470-MHz Band
Micrel Inc.
(408) 944-0800; fax (408) 944-0970; www.micrel.com

The MICRF102 QwikRadio transmitter is an integrated, single-chip amplitude shift keyed (ASK) RF transmitter designed to meet the needs of low-cost antenna transmitters. Highly integrated in SOIC-8 packaging, this device requires only five external components. It incorporates transmit power control and automatic antenna tuning.

The maximum data rate of the MICRF102 is 20 kbits/s. It operates in the 300- to 470-MHz range. The device features a 5.75-mA mean supply current at −2 dBm transmit power. Other features include a 4-mA supply current and a 5-V supply voltage. The MICRF102 is priced at $1.40 each in 1000-unit quantities.

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