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RF GaN-on-Si IP Available Via Licensing

RF GaN-on-Si IP Available Via Licensing

MACOM followed up its recent acquisition of Nitronex, including the company’s gallium-nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) IP for RF applications, by setting up an IP licensing program for the technology.  The program is intended to push mainstream adoption of GaN as a large-scale RF semiconductor technology.

A first step in the program involves a license and epitaxial (epi) wafer supply agreement. The agreement will enable IQE to manufacture GaN-on-Si epi at 4-, 6-, and 8-in. diameters in high volume for RF applications. According to MACOM, GaN RF products will ultimately be able to be delivered with breakthrough bandwidth and efficiency at mainstream 8-in. silicon cost structures.

MACOM also is in discussions to make its GaN-on-Si technology available to other companies for use in RF applications. 


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