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RF LDMOS Family At Home In GSM Base Station Apps

Fully characterized and individually tuned to operate at frequencies from 1.8 to 2.0 GHz, the MRF18000 series of RF LDMOS devices are for use in GSM and EDGE base station systems--complete characterization makes the devices easier to use where matched device performance is important.Other claims made for the devices include maximum protection from hot carrier injection effects without sacrificing RF performance, I/O matching, again making the devices easier to use, and, in what is said to be an industry first, ESD protection that simplifies handling of these ultra-sensitive parts.The MRF18000 family includes devices with a 60W or 90W (CW) output, 13 or 13.5 dB gain (typ.), and 45% or 52% efficiency (typ.). First to debut is the 60W, 2.0-GHz MRF18060A in a 465-style package.


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