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RF Power Detector Integrates Unique Functions On-Chip

Reportedly the first RF power detector with on-chip programmable threshold detection and a four-output sequencer, the RTG9001 has an input frequency range from 0.1 to 2.5 GHz with a dynamic range of 45 dB. The device also includes three bits of threshold programmability. Once RF power exceeds the threshold, the four digital outputs sequentially go true with 0, 5, 10 and 35 ms of delay, respectively. Operating voltage is as low as 2V and current consumption in sleep mode is 10 µA. Target applications include WLAN, Bluetooth and ZigBee repeaters and remote access points. The 14-pin TSSOP costs $1.40 each/1,000. RTG INC., Torrance, CA. (310) 534-3016.

Company: RTG INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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