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RF Transceiver IC Targets Radio Portion Of Bluetooth Systems

Integrating a myriad of functionality on its TQFP48-packaged chip, T2901 RF transceiver is designed to fully comply to Bluetooth specs--e.g., 0 dBm output power at the antenna; spectrum spreading with 1600 frequency hops/s among 79 frequencies ranging from 2.402 to 2.480 GHz; a gross data rate of 1 Mb/s; and a -80 dBm sensitivity, which exceeds Bluetooth’s spec by some 10 dB.T2901 chip also offers a ramp-signal generator for a smooth increase of output power, a 2.7-3.3 vdc supply range (6V with an additional PNP transistor), and an on-chip image rejection mixer that converts the frequency down to 111 MHz, reducing power drain.


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