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RF Transistor Boosts CDMA/TDMA Signals

Intended for CDMA and TDMA applications in the PCS band, the PTF10112 high-power RF transistor employs the firm's GOLDMOS technology, which utilizes gold top metal and gold bond wires to improve reliability. With a minimum output power of 60W at 1 dB compression, gain for the LDMOS device is typically 3 dB higher than bipolar equivalents, it's claimed, and thermal stability is also said to be superior. Designed to operate from a 28V supply, the part exhibits typical power gain of 12 dB, while showing a gain flatness of ±0.2 dB over the 1.93 to 1.99 GHz PCS band. The n-channel enhancement-mode FET has a load mismatch tolerance of 10:1.

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